STARLIGHT aims to create a community that brings together LEAs, researchers, industry, and practitioners in the security ecosystem under a coordinated and strategic effort to bring AI into operational practices.

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Improve the widespread understanding of AI across LEAs to reinforce their investigative and cybersecurity operations and the need to uphold legal, ethical and societal values

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Provide opportunities to LEAs to exploit AI tools and solutions in their operational work that are trustworthy, transparent and human-centric

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Ensure that LEAs can protect their own AI systems through privacy- and security-by-design approaches, better cybersecurity tools and knowledge

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Raise LEAs’ expertise and capacity to combat the misuse of AI-supported crime and terrorism

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Boost AI for LEAs in Europe delivering long-term sustainability through an AI hub that supports a strong security industry and enhances LEA strategic autonomy in AI.

Project Spotlight

Get to know our project through more engaging videos. Dive into our story and explore our vision for a brighter future.

Exploring AI’s Role in Security with Michalis Lazaridis from CERTH

In the ongoing STARLIGHT series, we introduce Michalis Lazaridis of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), leading work package six on AI-based multi-source data sensing

Discovering AI in Security with Vicomtech

In our ongoing exploration of the STARLIGHT project's key contributors, we're delighted to introduce Dr Jorge García Castaño, who leads the Intelligence Security Video Analytics Department at

Valentina Del Rio on Strengthening Cybersecurity Together

Cybersecurity is a battlefield that demands not just advanced tools but a unified approach to defend against ever-evolving threats.

STARLIGHT presented at the Paris Cyber Campus event

The Cyber Campus Transfer Programme (PTCC), which aims to strengthen cybersecurity research, bring innovative products to market, and support training and technological startups, showcased th

Project Details

Coordinator CEA, France
Partners 50
Duration Oct 2021 – Sep 2025
Budget €18.8m

STARLIGHT was funded as an innovation action under the H2020-SU-AI02 call - ‘Secure and resilient Artificial Intelligence technologies, tools and solutions in support of Law Enforcement and citizen protection, cybersecurity operations and prevention and protection against adversarial Artificial Intelligence’. The project began in October 2021 and will last 48 months. STARLIGHT brings together 50 partners from across 18 different European countries with 15 law enforcement agencies.