STARLIGHT at the INFINITY Final Demonstration Event

STARLIGHT at the INFINITY Final Demonstration Event

STARLIGHT presented their work during the INFINITY final demonstration event, along with sister project APPRAISE. The in-person event took place on Thursday, July 27, at Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield, UK. After over three years of dedicated security research and development, the INFINITY project has displayed its achievements. The event featured presentations by the INFINITY consortium, sharing their research findings and highlighting the INFINITY platform. Attendees had the opportunity for a hands-on experience, exploring the modules and components of the INFINITY platform, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. 

STARLIGHT: A Community of Collaboration 
STARLIGHT serves as a catalyst for collaboration among LEAs, researchers, industry professionals, and security practitioners. The project’s primary objective is to bring AI into operational practices and develop a coordinated and strategic approach to address major criminal threats effectively. By fostering a community-oriented ecosystem, STARLIGHT empowers LEAs to harness the potential of AI tools and capabilities, thereby improving their autonomy and resilience in combating crime. 

INFINITY: Transforming Criminal Investigation 
Under the EU H2020 Research and Innovation Action, the INFINITY project has set out to tackle the exhaustive challenges faced by LEAs in the digital age. It leverages extensive datasets, encompassing both historical cases and ongoing investigations, to provide a comprehensive platform for criminal investigation and analysis. The vision of INFINITY revolves around creating immersive and collaborative environments that revolutionise the way LEAs conduct investigative activities. 

The INFINITY Platform: Empowering Investigators 
INFINITY aims to develop a digital investigation platform that empowers investigators with quick processing, filtering, analysis, and visualisation of various data streams. These streams comprise images, videos, text, or audio recordings sourced from the internet, news outlets, social media, surveillance equipment, financial data, and even dark nets and markets. To facilitate efficient information extraction and comprehension, INFINITY employs advanced AI and machine learning techniques. The platform's immersive concept incorporates virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), creating a collaborative space for investigators to work together on a case, regardless of their physical locations. 

As we navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, it is through collaborative initiatives such as STARLIGHT, INFINITY and APPRAISE that we can collectively address the challenges and opportunities presented by the intersection of AI and law enforcement.