Thierry Hartmann: Steering Innovation in Security Through the STARLIGHT Project

Thierry Hartmann: Steering Innovation in Security Through the STARLIGHT Project

In the evolving landscape of security and law enforcement, innovation and collaboration stand as pillars of progress. Thierry Hartmann, from the Directorate for International Security Cooperation (DCIS) of the French Ministry of Interior, brings these principles into the STARLIGHT project. Their expertise bridges the gap between operational needs and innovative solutions, driving forward the mission of enhancing security through advanced technology.

A dual approach to advancing security

The French Ministry of Interior's involvement in STARLIGHT serves a dual purpose: leveraging operational experience in digital investigations to inform the project's development and facilitating a shared collaborative experience that spans the entire spectrum of the project, from initial needs assessment to practical deployment.

Leveraging past success for future innovation

Thierry and DCIS’s previous experience with the EU-funded ILEAnet project informs his role in STARLIGHT. This experience is now instrumental in making STARLIGHT's collaboration among partners agile, efficient, and impactful. "Drawing on ILEAnet's successes, we aim to foster a dynamic environment where innovation thrives on mutual understanding and shared goals."

Ethics at the heart of innovation

A cornerstone of DCIS’s approach is ensuring that AI solutions developed within STARLIGHT adhere to legal, ethical, and societal standards. The project employs an integrated co-development cycle that includes not only technical partners and law enforcement agencies but also experts from the social and human sciences. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that innovations are not only effective but also aligned with societal values and expectations.

A Vision for collaborative security

The STARLIGHT project is shaping a future where security and law enforcement agencies operate at the cutting edge of technology, with ethical considerations and societal values at the forefront. 

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