Participation in the ALIGNER 7th Workshop

Participation in the ALIGNER 7th Workshop

The STARLIGHT project attended the ALIGNER 7th workshop, which took place online on May 13th and 14th. This event brought together a diverse group of experts from academia, policy, industry, and civil society to address the pressing issues related to the use of artificial intelligence in law enforcement.

During the session "Mapping the legal guidance for data sets in technology development: the STARLIGHT example," Irmak Erdoğan from partner Centre for IT & IP Law (CiTiP), KU Leuven, provided insights into how STARLIGHT effectively analyses and prepares datasets through a rigorous assessment process encompassing legal and ethical frameworks to advance AI technology, underpinning the project's commitment to ethical integrity and legal adherence. The introduction of AP4AI also complements this effort.

The workshop offered an insight into the current research in ALIGNER covering several important areas, including the ethical, legal, and technological risks associated with AI, the impact of the final EU AI Act on law enforcement and civil society, and strategies to promote meaningful participation of civil society in security research.

These dialogues are essential as they shed light on new challenges and opportunities in AI and law enforcement, facilitating the connection between EU policy and ongoing research projects. The workshop also provided an excellent opportunity for participants to establish connections and identify potential areas of cooperation among different projects, paving the way for future collaborative research activities and events.

We look forward to building on the knowledge and connections gained during this event to further our contributions to AI in law enforcement.