Advancing AI in Law Enforcement with Brussels Capital Ixelles Police

Advancing AI in Law Enforcement with Brussels Capital Ixelles Police

In the heart of Europe, the Brussels Capital Ixelles Police, represented in STARLIGHT by Pierre Vanbeveren, is improving law enforcement operations through the lens of artificial intelligence. The team's journey, as a partner of the Horizon STARLIGHT project, is characterised by innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to ethical standards.

A future forged in technology

The Brussels Capital Ixelles Police's participation in the STARLIGHT project is a step towards embracing AI's potential to transform law enforcement. Pierre shares the belief that the use of technology can help overcome the myriad challenges faced by law enforcement. The tangible benefits AI has already brought to their operations, from enhancing safety measures during public gatherings to enabling swift responses to potential threats, ground this optimism.

Collaboration at the core

Key to the project's success is the dynamic partnership between law enforcement and leading technology companies. Pierre highlights the development of AI tools designed to identify misinformation and monitor suspicious activities, especially during large events. "This collaboration allows us to extend our capabilities, ensuring that we remain adaptive and responsive in a rapidly changing world."

Ethical innovation

The Brussels Capital Ixelles Police are pioneering the integration of AI into their daily operations, mindful of the ethical considerations and societal values at stake. "We're making strides, supported by an ethics committee that guides us in navigating the complexities of data protection and ethical AI use." This balanced approach ensures that the deployment of AI technologies not only enhances public safety but also aligns with the highest standards of privacy and integrity.

Looking ahead

The STARLIGHT project is more than a technological endeavour; it's a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in shaping the future of law enforcement. The Brussels Capital Ixelles Police's efforts and engagement with STARLIGHT support their vision for a safer, more secure community.

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