STARLIGHT at Forum InCyber Europe

STARLIGHT at Forum InCyber Europe

The 16th edition of the Forum InCyber at Lille Grand Palais brought together a diverse selection of cybersecurity professionals, researchers, and innovators from March 26–28. With over 20,000 visitors, 650 partners, and representatives from 82 countries, the event emphasised the importance of advancing cybersecurity and AI technologies.

The STARLIGHT project was well-represented, with Dr Nizar Touleimat of CEA-List and Dr Mark van Staalduinen of CFLW Cyber Strategies. Their participation highlighted STARLIGHT's contributions to the cybersecurity domain and our continued efforts to harness AI for digital investigations.

Insights from the Round Table

The round table discussion on "How to Harness AI in Digital Investigations?" on March 27 was a highlight of our participation. Dr Touleimat discussed STARLIGHT's mission to integrate AI technologies into law enforcement practices. He elaborated on the collaborative essence of the project, which unites experts from different sectors to innovate AI solutions that can streamline the investigative process.

Responding to Law Enforcement Needs

The project's primary focus is on addressing the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies, especially in managing and analysing large volumes of data. Dr Touleimat shared how STARLIGHT aims to provide AI tools that not only expedite investigations but also adhere to ethical and legal standards. This ensures that the deployment of AI technologies respects privacy and transparency, critical concerns in law enforcement operations.

Tangible Outcomes and Progress

Practical achievements of the STARLIGHT project include the development and deployment of AI tools that have shown potential in various aspects of crime prevention and investigation. These tools are designed to be user-friendly for law enforcement personnel, demonstrating STARLIGHT’s commitment to practical and actionable solutions.

The Forum InCyber Europe provided a valuable opportunity for exchange, learning, and networking, enriching our project with diverse perspectives and new partnerships. Our team is more committed than ever to pushing the boundaries of AI in cybersecurity, ensuring safer digital spaces for everyone.