A closer look at AI and security with the STARLIGHT Project Coordinator

The STARLIGHT Project Coordinator

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence and security, the STARLIGHT project stands as a collaborative effort to address these challenges head-on. STARLIGHT project Coordinator from CEA, Nizar Touleimat in his role as the Director of the Research and Innovation Programme at the CEA-List Institute, brings experience in data science to steer the project through the complexities of security ecosystem.

Teamwork at the heart

Building on his experience as a research scientist, Nizar’s role as coordinator of STARLIGHT highlights the essence of our work: bringing different minds together to tackle big issues. "My job is all about teamwork," he explains. It's about ensuring that everyone, from various disciplines and backgrounds, works in sync to move our project forward.

What we've achieved together

Collaboratively, we've built a community that crosses disciplines. Our consortium includes experts in technology, law, ethics, and those from law enforcement agencies (LEAs), all working towards common goals. We've developed AI tools that are now being tested by our team and partners, alongside cybersecurity solutions to protect LEA systems. This work is critical, not just for the project but for the broader aim of strengthening European security.

Our place in Europe's security landscape

Our efforts with STARLIGHT align with Europe's wider Security Union Strategy. Through our work, we're helping to create safer environments for EU citizens and giving law enforcement new tools to investigate and combat threats. The STARLIGHT project is part of a larger mission to enhance Europe's digital autonomy and resilience against complex threats.

Reflections from Dr Touleimat

Beyond the project's goals, Nizar shares personal insights from his experience. "I’ve learned so much more than I expected," he admits, highlighting his deepened understanding of security challenges and appreciation for the project's teamwork. Most notably, he values the friendships formed during the project, hoping these relationships will continue long into the future.

Looking ahead

As STARLIGHT progresses, the vision and collaborative approach of the whole project remain central to our success. Uniting diverse partners towards a shared vision is not just beneficial for the project but also serves as a model for future initiatives.

For more detailed insights from Nizar and the STARLIGHT project, watch the full interview on our YouTube channel.