STARLIGHT General Assembly in Utrecht

STARLIGHT General Assembly in Utrecht

From February 7th to 9th, 2024, the STARLIGHT consortium gathered for its 4th General Assembly hosted by NPN and EUROPOL in Utrecht. This meeting played a crucial role in reinforcing STARLIGHT's mission: to create a unified, AI-centric approach for Law Enforcement Agencies across Europe, encouraging seamless innovation and adoption of AI technologies.

Aleksandra Oczko-Dolny of the European Commission and Nizar Touleimat, CEA, Project Coordinator, opened the session by highlighting the vital importance of integrating artificial intelligence within security research and innovation. Their speeches set a thoughtful tone for the event, underscoring the ambitious goals of STARLIGHT.

Throughout the assembly, consortium members actively participated in meaningful discussions about our achievements, the hurdles we have faced, and the strategies we will employ moving forward. The event acted as a collaborative hub, connecting participants and aligning various AI tools and technologies under the STARLIGHT umbrella.

The agenda took a deep dive into the project's progress, focusing on the importance of collaboration and addressing operational challenges. Consistent with the project's values, special attention was given to the responsible use of AI, reflecting our commitment to ethical innovation.

A highlight of the event was the ToolFest, where more than thirty tools were showcased, demonstrating the practical impact and innovation of the STARLIGHT project to attendees. This session allowed LEAs once again to see the powerful capabilities and future possibilities of the developed AI solutions.

As the General Assembly concluded, it left a lasting impression on the consortium, instilling a refreshed sense of commitment and direction. More than a meeting, the assembly was a pivotal moment to chart new paths and reaffirm our joint vision for bolstering Europe's security through AI.