STARLIGHT Newsletter: Second Edition, November 2023

STARLIGHT Newsletter: Second Edition, November 2023

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter as we bid our farewell to the STARLIGHT project's second year, filled with significant achievements and progress.

The project has made notable strides in developing innovative tools to bolster European Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), ensuring they are ethical, transparent, and accountable.

We are grateful for the collaboration and support from all contributors that are playing a crucial role in the project's success.

Over the past year, our team has been actively participating in seminars and workshops, sharing knowledge, and receiving constructive feedback from the community.

October was a month filled with significant events and milestones for STARLIGHT. We had the pleasure of participating in the Security Research Event (SRE) 2023 in Brussels, where we showcased our latest developments and engaged with fellow researchers and security practitioners.

This was followed by our third ToolFest and the first Physical Pilot in Brussels, where our technical partners had the opportunity to demonstrate their tools, offering a valuable showcase for our technological advancements.

The feedback received from our partner LEAs during these events has been extremely valuable, providing direction for the further refinement and enhancement of our tools.

As we move into the project's third year, we are inspired by your continuous support and are eager to share our key milestones, aspirations, and partnerships in this edition.

Our aim is to continue fostering collaboration between researchers and security practitioners driving the project forward and ensuring the rapid adoption of our AI-driven solutions.

This interaction will continue to facilitate the fast and effective uptake and adoption of our AI solutions.

Feel free to connect with us and stay updated through our various channels. You can follow us on X (formerly Twitter), connect with us on LinkedIn, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Don't forget to also check our project website for the latest updates and join us on our collective path towards a safer and more secure Europe.